Liftmax Forklift Attachments

   FB - Forklift Boom Attachment, Fixed LengthFBA - Forklift Boom Attachment, Adjustable
                                                                                            FB                                                                                                           FBA
FHD - Forklift Hook Attachment , Double ForkFHE - Forklift Hook Attachment- Extended Height
                               FHD                                                                                                       FHE

Model: FB - Liftmax® Forklift Boom Attachment, Fixed Length

Model: FBA - Liftmax® Forklift Boom Attachment, Adjustable

Model: FHD - Liftmax® Forklift Hook Attachment, Double Fork

Model: FHS - Liftmax® Forklift Hook Attachment, Single Fork

Model: FHE- Liftmax® Forklift Hook Attachment, Extended Height


  • Used on forklifts for lifting below the forks
  • Stainless Steel data plate with individual serial numbers with RFID tracking
  • Painted Yellow with durable enamel paint; special finishes and custom colors available upon request, specify when ordering
  • Proof Tested to 125%